The website is updated!

The website is complete! There may be some adjustments in the coming few weeks, but this is what it is going to look like. If you go to you see a static page rather than the familiar blog. The blog is still there though- you can access it through the big SNJU logo, or the menu item “SNJU Blog”.

The second big change is the way you receive emails. Look at the bottom of the email, and you will see that you can completely unsubscribe yourself, or you can only subscribe to certain categories.

With these changes, our site is now fully compliant to European rules.

Site Update

Dear members,
It has been quiet for some time now, of course also due to the holidays. But while the SNJU staff are enjoying their holidays, we will also update the layout of this site. We will focus less on blog posts (although they will still be there!) and more on giving information.
Due to this, your favourite site may experience some outages, or strange effects during the coming weeks. Do not worry, we will get everything in order before the first of September.

Email subscription for Members

Up to early this week, SNJU board members have been very busy with the Flower of Inclusion Festival in Greece, which we think was a great success! We will get back to that later, in another article. This message is to inform you that all Members will be included in the general mailing list of the SNJU website. That means that you will receive an email for every message on the site.
The types of email you receive will be adjustable but a more detailed explanation will come when the mailing system is in place.

Best regards
The Webmaster