Project Bucharest aftermovie

A Dutch SN team augmented by board members James Mulroy and Cecilia Evenblij visited Romania to assist the local organisation with organising a Special Needs tournament, with a successful tournament as a result. The team was received very well, and visited historic sites as part of the project.
Many thanks from SNJU to Zelko Alexandru and his team from the Judoka Bears in Bucharest for providing us with all these beautiful facilities!

Pictures can be found here:

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SNJU Loutraki Judo Camp

From May 24-29, the Greece Judo Veterans Society organises, in cooperation with SNJU, the Flower Of Inclusion Judo Camp. For six days, the village of Loutraki will host Judo demos, Judo- and Judokata contests and Special Needs Judo seminars. Click HERE for more information!