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We welcome you to the website of the fastest growing international special needs/ adaptive judo organisation in the world.
Special Needs Judo Union is a non-political, non-profit organisation providing unprecedented quality in education, training and competition for all people involved in inclusive judo.

Currently we have 56 members, spanning 28 countries around the World, including 5 National Federations, 15 Organisations and 36 Clubs.

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SNJU plays major role in EJU Special Needs Judo Festival

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New Special Feature Section

Welcome to Judo in Harmony, Verona Italy.

As part of our Special Features project on our member organisations we have great pleasure in introducing you to the Judo in Harmony Inclusion Programme from Italy. Below is the start of short bio on the organisation. click here to read full bio and view some inspiring photographs.

Our adventure started in 2012 (2013), during a calm afternoon in our dojo in Buttapietra, VR, Italy. Luigina was judo coaching some kids when another mum stepped into the room and asked to talk to her. She asked whether it was possible for her child, Filippo, to participate in the judo lesson..... But she immediately added that this could be difficult, as her child has just been diagnosed with an autistic disorder......... read more

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Worldwide Membership

SNJU are working hard to expand our membership. whether you are a national organisation or a local Judo club, you can be a member of SNJU. This link will bring you to our application form. The World is turning blue.

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