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    Open Romanian Special Needs Judo Tournament


    DOWN Bucharest Association as affiliate member of SNJU and partner of the Association AGA Down Sindrom Cluj Napoca announces the organization of the “Judo Adaptive Camp Adapted to People with Special Needs” in September 8-10, 2018, a project approved by the Cluj Napoca City Hall, the Local Council of Cluj-Napoca and the Direction of Social and Medical Assistance.

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    Save the date: Open European Special Needs 2019: April 30-June 2

    Another SNJU-Endorsed Tournament!

    Frövi Judo in Lindesberg will be the second candidate for the organisation of the Open European Special Needs Judo tournament! Please see their invitation below.

    Book your flight!

    Please book your flights to arrive at Arlanda airport 30/5 2019.
    We will have 2 buses to take you to Lindesberg from the airport. The first bus will depart preliminary at 13.00 and the second bus will depart preliminary at 17.00. Please consider these bus departures for your arrival. Let us know if that is not possible.

    We will have a conference room at the Arlanda airport for your convenience if you have to wait for a while before the bus leaves.

    We will also have 2 busses with different departure times for the trip back to Arlanda airport on 2/6/2019.

    Open European Special Needs 2019 in Lindesberg Sweden!

    Welcome to Frövi Judo and the beautiful town of Lindesberg.
    We welcome you all for a great Judo event with judokas from all over Europe.
    We will have great training sessions and of course a competition for all levels.
    Please follow our event webpage:

    All-inclusive offer

    We will have an all-inclusive offer ready soon.

    All accommodation will be booked by us.
    We will offer 3 different sleeping accommodations:
    • School classroom -Bring your own sleeping bag and air mattress
    • Hostel with 6 bunkbeds per room -shared bathroom
    • Hotel with several options of bed combinations

    All options are within walking distance to the venue. Breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served at the venue regardless of sleeping accommodation, and will be included in the price.
    Information will be updated on:
    Welcome Frövi Judo

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    Pajulahti Games and OESN report

    The SNJU would like to congratulate and the thank the host and organisers of this year’s Pajulahti Games / Special Needs Open European Judo Championships which was held in Finland recently.
    The event was a huge success with competitors from all over Europe in attendance.

    The weekend started on Thursday with the arrival of the many international delegations to the fantastic Pajulahti Paralympic Sports Centre in Lahti, Finland.
    Friday was action filled and kicked off with a huge two hour training session with all the athletes, coaches and officials. The tatami was filled with over 200 people enjoying the playful and social gathering of new and old friends. After training everyone returned to the food hall to refuel for the afternoon divisioning session. Lead by the SNJU team of Tycho, James, Tomas and Cecilia, the athletes were grouped in pools of equal abilities/level and again enjoyed another playful two hour training session.

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    Time schedule for the Pajulahti Games OESN

    Time schedule for the Pajulahti Games / OESN

    This is the tentative schedule for the Pajulahti Games to be held in January 2018 in Pajulahti, Finland.

    Wednesday Arrival day
    Thursday Self made programs for example the Husky Safari
    There are also activities in the Pajulahti area.
    Friday Morning 09:30 – 11:30 Training with Judo-Games
    Friday Afternoon 13:00- 15:30 Time off to walk on the Lake
    Friday late Afternoon 16:00- 18:00 Divisioning
    Friday Evening 19:30 – 21:30 Education about Refereeing
    Saturday Morning Competition
    Saturday Afternoon Education (Possible topic Judo & Down Syndrome & other disabilities)
    Saturday Night Party/international get together
    Sunday Morning Training session
    Sunday Departure day
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    Registration is open for the greatest Special Needs Judo event on the planet!

    The registration for Beverwijk 2018 is open! SNJF from The Netherlands, in conjunction with SNJU will organise the greatest Special Needs Judo event on the planet for the 20th time! And for this special edition, the Saturday of the tournament has been renamed to the Special Needs World Judo Games to emphasise the presence of judoka from all over the world.

    This great tournament takes place on april 14 and 15, 2018, in three parts:

    • The Special Needs World Judo Games, the top tournament for levels 1, 2 and 3 (14/4)
    • The SNWJG Kata tournament (14/4)
    • The great Ben van der Eng Memorial Tournament for all levels (15/4)

    As always, surrounded by music, seminars and fun!

    You can view the information and sign-up pages HERE.

    See you in Beverwijk!

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    Announcing more growth for SNJU!

    SNJU is proud to announce our new members:
    – Johan Orrbo and his team of Frovi Judo, Sweden
    – Special Challengers Judo Foundation of South Carolina, USA
    – The Polish National Judo organisation

    This brings our membership to 40 individual members, spanning 22 countries!
    This is a fantastic achievement in our first 6 months. Our recently launched SN referee programme has also attracted interest from referees from six countries so far and is rising daily. If you have not yet registered your Federation, Organisation or Club you can do so by following the link below. Similarly if you want to register a referee to the programme follow the referee link
    Remember together we can achieve more..

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    Come to the Pajulahti Games! (updated closure date)

    The Judo tournament of the Pajulahti Games 2018 has been awarded the prestigious title of the Open European Special Needs tournament, the great tournament that ran for 5 years in Beverwijk and is now, as we say it, on tour.

    The tournament runs from 19-21 January, 2018

    Entry form can be downloaded here as well as all the other information.
    Please note that the application closure date is December 12th!

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