Special Needs Judo Union is a non-political, non-profit organisation providing unprecedented quality in education, training and competition for all people involved in inclusive judo.

The executive committee is made up of three international volunteers from various countries, all with a common goal: to promote and develop inclusion in Judo. This group is made up of like-minded, skilled and highly motivated individuals with a vast amount of experience in areas such as management, governance, sports development, education, coaching, inclusion, competition, PR, marketing and IT.

Our following is growing rapidly across the world with clubs and organisation joining forces under the SNJU banner to help promote and raise awareness of Special Needs Judo and its benefits to all who participate in it.

Our short to medium term objectives & goals are ambitious and achievable and are as follows:

  • Promote and develop special needs judo worldwide
  • Increase participation worldwide
  • Unite existing SN judo nations with common goals and rules
  • Develop an SN/adaptive coaching programme for existing and new SN judo coaches
  • Develop an SN/Adaptive referee programme and register
  • Develop a single set of competition rules that are agreed and implemented by all
  • Offer help and advice to international NGB’s on the formation and development of SN judo programmes

We hope to do this by setting up ad-hoc, nonprofit contacts with interested parties around the world that we offer our expertise to and cooperate with to establish these goals.

The following are our executive committee and their contact details:

Tomas Rundqvist (Sweden) РPresident (tomas@snju.org)

Tycho van der Werff (Netherlands) РEducation & Coaching Director (tycho@snju.org)

Bob Lefevere (Netherlands) РIT Director (bob@snju.org)

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