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    Final schedule for the BENG!XX tournament in Beverwijk (NL)

    SNJF have completed the enrollment, poules have been completed and can be found HERE, their volunteer army is briefed and poised to go, and the first guests have arrived from Brasil and Japan.. Brace yourself, for BENG!XX is upon us!

    This is the schedule for BENG!XX as published earlier this week. Please subscribe to the specialneedsjudo.nl website to be kept up-to-date on developments.


    Friday evening april 13th 2018
    15:00 – 17:00 Divisioning workshop (English spoken)

    We invite all our judoka and coaches present in NL to attend this workshop, especially the judoka that did not participate in our tournament before, as we will do their actual divisioning during this workshop. Please wear your Gi, it is very interactive!

    17:00 – 18:00 Referee, Rules and Regulations seminar (English spoken)
    17:00 – 18:00 Weigh-in for judoka already present
    Saturday april 14th 2018
    08:00 Venue opens
    08:00 – 08:30 Weigh-in for remaining judoka
    09:00 – 12:00 Special Needs World Judo Games 2018
    Levels 1-3
    13:00 – 17:00 SNWJG Kata Tournament
    17:00 – 18:00 Coach workshop (Come in Gi!)
    20:00 – 23:00 Party in Assumburg Castle
    Sunday april 15th 2018
    08:00 Venue opens
    09:00 – 12:30 Ben van der Eng Memorial, morning session
    Levels 1-5, judoka under 16yrs
    12:30 – 13:30 Intermission, with the ladies band 3eigenwijs!
    13:30 – 17:30 Ben van der Eng Memorial, afternoon session
    Levels 1-5, judoka 16yrs and older
    On Saturday, people who do not participate in the contest can be transported by one of our shuttles to the Beverwijk Bazaar (link in Dutch) where you can have fun and maybe score some cheap bargains! The trip costs 2 Euros vice versa, to be paid to the driver.Pickup will take place at about 17:00 in an agreed spot.
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    Pajulahti Games and OESN report

    The SNJU would like to congratulate and the thank the host and organisers of this year’s Pajulahti Games / Special Needs Open European Judo Championships which was held in Finland recently.
    The event was a huge success with competitors from all over Europe in attendance.

    The weekend started on Thursday with the arrival of the many international delegations to the fantastic Pajulahti Paralympic Sports Centre in Lahti, Finland.
    Friday was action filled and kicked off with a huge two hour training session with all the athletes, coaches and officials. The tatami was filled with over 200 people enjoying the playful and social gathering of new and old friends. After training everyone returned to the food hall to refuel for the afternoon divisioning session. Lead by the SNJU team of Tycho, James, Tomas and Cecilia, the athletes were grouped in pools of equal abilities/level and again enjoyed another playful two hour training session.

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    Time schedule for the Pajulahti Games OESN

    Time schedule for the Pajulahti Games / OESN

    This is the tentative schedule for the Pajulahti Games to be held in January 2018 in Pajulahti, Finland.

    Wednesday Arrival day
    Thursday Self made programs for example the Husky Safari
    There are also activities in the Pajulahti area.
    Friday Morning 09:30 – 11:30 Training with Judo-Games
    Friday Afternoon 13:00- 15:30 Time off to walk on the Lake
    Friday late Afternoon 16:00- 18:00 Divisioning
    Friday Evening 19:30 – 21:30 Education about Refereeing
    Saturday Morning Competition
    Saturday Afternoon Education (Possible topic Judo & Down Syndrome & other disabilities)
    Saturday Night Party/international get together
    Sunday Morning Training session
    Sunday Departure day
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  • Communication from the Board

    Registration is open for the greatest Special Needs Judo event on the planet!

    The registration for Beverwijk 2018 is open! SNJF from The Netherlands, in conjunction with SNJU will organise the greatest Special Needs Judo event on the planet for the 20th time! And for this special edition, the Saturday of the tournament has been renamed to the Special Needs World Judo Games to emphasise the presence of judoka from all over the world.

    This great tournament takes place on april 14 and 15, 2018, in three parts:

    • The Special Needs World Judo Games, the top tournament for levels 1, 2 and 3 (14/4)
    • The SNWJG Kata tournament (14/4)
    • The great Ben van der Eng Memorial Tournament for all levels (15/4)

    As always, surrounded by music, seminars and fun!

    You can view the information and sign-up pages HERE.

    See you in Beverwijk!

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  • Publications

    SNJU and SNJF publish guideline document for divisioning

    Divisioning during the SN tournament 2017, Bucharest

    The most important property of a Special Needs tournament is that it must be safe for all participants. Starting point for this is a proper divisioning procedure. SNJU have, together with SNJF, compiled a document describing methods, pitfalls and things to keep in mind while preparing for an SN tournament.

    The document can be downloaded HERE.

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  • Communication from the Board

    Announcing more growth for SNJU!

    SNJU is proud to announce our new members:
    – Johan Orrbo and his team of Frovi Judo, Sweden
    – Special Challengers Judo Foundation of South Carolina, USA
    – The Polish National Judo organisation

    This brings our membership to 40 individual members, spanning 22 countries!
    This is a fantastic achievement in our first 6 months. Our recently launched SN referee programme has also attracted interest from referees from six countries so far and is rising daily. If you have not yet registered your Federation, Organisation or Club you can do so by following the link below. Similarly if you want to register a referee to the programme follow the referee link
    Remember together we can achieve more..


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    Come to the Pajulahti Games! (updated closure date)

    The Judo tournament of the Pajulahti Games 2018 has been awarded the prestigious title of the Open European Special Needs tournament, the great tournament that ran for 5 years in Beverwijk and is now, as we say it, on tour.

    The tournament runs from 19-21 January, 2018

    Entry form can be downloaded here as well as all the other information.
    Please note that the application closure date is December 12th!

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