Our criteria for endorsement

When looking at our calendar, one can see that it only contains SNJU-endorsed tournaments. We do not take this endorsement lightly- we make sure that the tournament organisation adheres to our rules. Also, SNJU are not looking for tournaments to endorse- if you would like your tournament to be on our calendar, then please contact info@snju.org and send us your tournament details. You will then be contacted by one of our staff for more details.

The criteria are not very difficult to follow. As follows:

  • The tournament will adopt the five-class divisioning system as per theĀ SNJU rules.
  • The tournament will adopt a proper divisioning methodology so as to determine the correct division in which a judoka is pooled.
  • The referees are approved as Adapted Judo referees (or similar) in their country of origin.
  • Tatami tables will have coloured markings to as to improve self-reliance of the participating judoka.
  • Matches will be conducted on an official approved Judo tatami of correct contest size, not on the so-called “puzzle mats” as safety is of the foremost importance.
  • The organising body will be a member of SNJU, or is in the process of becoming a member.

The Calendar