SNJU Event Support Criteria

The SNJU support a number of events every year. The number of events supported are limited due to availability of personnel and available dates throughout the year.
We have three main permanent supported events which are the Special Needs Open European Games which is hosted by a different country each year, the SN World Judo Games which are held in Beverwijk, Netherlands in April each year and the Swiss SN/SO Championships held in June.
If you would like us to support your event please forward your application by email to

Please read below the strict criteria required for a support event before you make your application.


  • Written application must be made to the SNJU office for support of any event which requires our assistance
  • All criteria as laid out below must be adhered to.
  • Approval must be granted before advertisement of event.
  • Advance notice of 11 months must be given for each event to be listed.


All requesting organizations must be a registered member of SNJU

Use of SNJU name and logo

Express permission must be granted before any use of our name or logo is used.


All SNJU events are run on the 5 level functional classification system.


Time must be allocated for divisioning at all supported events.
Athletes must be available and present for divisioning.


Time must be allocated for education seminars and workshops.
These may include coaching, referee, disability awareness and divisioning workshops.


The ratio of experienced and “in training” referees must be a least 50/50
All referees must be registered SNJU referees
There must be 3 referees per tatami during all contests.

SNJU Rules and Regulations

All event organizers must comply with the current SNJU rules and regulations a copy of which is available on our website

Timeline for tournament

Where possible each contest block should run for no more than two and half hours. (max 6 poules)
The use of tatami guides is advised. These are two persons per tatami, one who will assist the judoka in white, the other the one in red and helps tie the belt on the judoka. This speeds up the tournament enormously.

Number of Tatamis v Number of participants

As a guide if there are 80 or below a minimum of three tatamis are required, or 20 to 25 judoka per tatami per contest block


Where possible local excursions should be arranged for visitors

Summary of our assistance offered

  • Once SNJU support has been excepted/granted we will perform the following services,
  • Advertise and promote the event across our extensive network of social media and database
  • List the event on our website calendar
  • Perform divisioning
  • Compile contest poules
  • Deliver topic specific seminars and workshops
  • Deliver rules & regulation seminar and referee training
  • Assist with the running of the tournament on the day

Download a PDF document here